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You know when I started this Lifestyle Blog I was a wee bit skeptical but now that I have a few articles under my belt, I am totally loving it!! Seriously, never thought this would be so much fun. Sharing design ideas, tips and tricks and of course, one of my favourite topics "food" Okay, so i like to eat and since we are embarking on a new decade I have decided to get healthy. I know I can almost hear you guys all groaning lol. I think eating healthy does not have to mean that you have to go without, I do think that it's a frame of mind though and definitely a conscious choice that you have to make.

So I have joined millions of others who have decided to eat more healthy. A week into it and I am feeling really good about the choices I have made, hopefully we can keep this momentum going, right!!

I had made the decision prior to the holidays that I would give Weight Watchers a go. I needed that time to convince myself that this was going to happen come hell or high water. I also made a point of telling everyone, cause once it's out there then you have to follow through, right!

For those of you who may not be familiar with this plan, it's all based on a point system. There are actually 200 foods in the plan that are 0 points and you don't have to count those but that doesn't mean that you sit and gorge on those foods. Yes, most of them are fruits and vegetables but they are also eggs, chicken and other protein foods that actually help to keep you full.

So with the points, depending on the plan your working with you're starting each day with a certain amount of points. For example, every morning I have a total of 23 points for the day. Everytime I eat a specific food, then I deduct whatever points are attached to that food. This morning I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana for breakfast. Those are foods that are on the 0 points list. For lunch I had Spragues Lentil Soup, which is very filling and yes we carry it here in our gourmet market. The points deducted for that is only 4, so I am still left with 19 points for dinner and a snack if I choose to have one. Any points not used are rolled over and accumulate until the weekend, simply because we all eat different on the weekends, or at least I have a tendency to be a little more slack, which is why this plan has been working, so far!! I have yet to feel like I need to eat more due to hunger. So far so good! This means I can actually indulge in a glass of wine, if, I choose to, of course I will!!! The key is moderation.

So this evening, I am creating a dish of my very own.

Bruschetta made with Fresh Roma Tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil and onion. Add little salt and pepper and let it sit and marinate all the juices together.

Garlic Parmesan Chicken

Fresh chicken breast marinated in garlic, olive oil and fresh grated parmesan. Add little salt and pepper and grill until chicken is cooked through.

Cook your pasta until al dente and add all ingredients together and toss until well coated. Bruschetta Spaghettini with Grilled Garlic Parmesan Chicken

Best thing about this whole recipe is that the point system only comes to 10 points. Which means I can enjoy my glass of wine this evening and not fall off the program



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