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FUNCTIONAL SPACES & How to Create Them

So, who out there is trying to reduce their environmental footprint? I know that we are trying daily to help the situation by selling Reusable Straws with a Carrying Case for your purse and Zero Waste Fabric Bowl Covers along with our Bee's Wrap Reusable Food Wrap in our retail shoppe. I feel that it's everyone's responsibility to do what they can to help the environment.

As a designer, I have always tried to make a point of looking for the functionality of each piece of furniture that I invest in for myself and our clients. Multi-functional furniture is definitely making a comeback and I am thoroughly intrigued by the concept for many reasons. Adding these pieces to your space not only adds convenience to your lifestyle but it also can become part of your daily routine. There are definitely pieces to be on the lookout for when designing or redesigning any space in your home.


Furniture should really be designed to make everything easily accessible, for example, if your a person that loves to curl up with a good book then make a point of choosing furnishings that have pockets to keep your favourite reading materials close at hand.


Storage is almost always the one single problematic issue when designing for clients. There is never enough of it! Good furniture design is appealing and it's hard to go wrong when choosing Contemporary or Vintage styles that offer comfort with storage compartments. A really good example of this is to camouflage your storage by adding in pieces that act as double duty. For example, adding drawers to the space under a staircase is always an exceptional and attractive way to add storage and have it look nice. There are always lots of options and design ideas regardless of your style.


Let's face it, the cost involved when deciding how to stretch that budget can be tricky. Multi-functional furniture can reduce the amount of items you may require to furnish your space. An excellent way to counterbalance this is to create a multifunctional space. To accomplish this use one space three ways! A den or office space can also act as a spare bedroom and be utilized as extra sleeping space for unexpected guests by including a Murphy Bed or a Convertible Sofa that allows added sleeping arrangements.



Saving space and designing a functional home is definitely more cost effective and does require that you plan accordingly. For instance, adding a bookshelf that converts into a dining table for extra company is not a waste if your shy on space.

So, regardless of whether your compressing the environmental footprint or just wanting to make your home feel a little more spacious, making smart investments when choosing your furnishings is definitely a win win and it adds appeal to your home.


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