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I have always been comfortable in the kitchen creating incredible dishes and watching family and friends enjoy the fruits of my labour. For me, it has always been important to create regardless of what medium that I am working in.

The opportunity to make something that is tasty is a bonus. I rarely use recipes when creating my dishes as I do it by taste. These are the times that you can create some incredible dishes while experimenting with different spices and ingredients. baking on the other hand has never been my forte! I feel like there are too many rules to follow and that the creative process is somehow stunted. I can hear all my pastry chef friends now, chirping about that statement lol.

However, I did recently come across a recipe that I thought was worth sharing simply because it really requires so little effort and there really is no recipe per say. It does however include some pretty tasty ingredients, one which we carry here in our gourmet market from our friends at Ste Anne's Spa.

its a simple recipe and as I mentioned, I do not include measurements. Use a cookie tray and line it with parchment paper. Mix together in a bowl, your favourite yogurt, I used cherry. Then include honey by the tablespoon to taste as some like it sweeter than others. I used our own honey that we carry here in our market.

Once mixed thoroughly in the bowl, transfer to the cookie tray and spread the mixture out over the tray, then add the granola to the top of the mixture as desired. transfer the whole tray to the freezer and freeze for about 6 hours. Remove from the freezer and break the bark into desired pieces. Keep in freezer and remove whenever you feel like a sweet healthy treat.

I prefer the Ste Anne's Granola as it has a delicious hint of cinnamon to the taste which makes it perfect for muffins, cookies or banana bread.

We are always looking for feedback regarding our recipes that we create from our gourmet market products. So please, if you like this recipe then let us know by going to our FB page Special Effects Lifestyle Boutique where we share so many incredible tips on cooking and diy workshops etc.

Bon Appetit


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