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It's a brand new year and an opportunity to reflect on the old and welcome a fresh new start in any area you choose. It is also the perfect time to update your home or maybe just a specific space.

Choosing your favourite colour or a colour palette if your doing more than one room can be a little daunting and even downright scary for some. Fear not, it does not have to be a chore to choose the perfect colour for you.

Everyone has favourite colours that they are attracted to and it does not have to be what's trending! Its more about choosing a colour or colours that you can co-exist with for many years to come. Seriously, we all know that this is not something that you want to tackle every couple of years, so choose wisely.

Not only does painting offer many benefits such as increasing the value of your home by 10% or adding curb appeal to the exterior, it can also protect your home from the harsh elements that we all experience with the changing of the seasons.

Let's face it, when looking for paint there are many different companies to choose from. My colour choices always come from Sherwin Williams. I truly love their products not only for their wide selection of colours but also because they are low VOC and pretty much odourless when applied.

Their new COLOURMIX FORECAST 2020 is the perfect combination of neutrals from warm to cool.

Choose colours that are authentic to you, your personality and your space.

Find balance but be playful in your choices. Create a haven where you feel like your being welcomed home with open arms.

Find inspiration in simplicity to help infuse a collection of palettes that harmonize together and offer comfort found in the everyday.

Be Bold! Be Positive!

We are forever in the midst of colour and when invited into the very core of our lives, it can elevate us to a deeper level of happiness, inspiration and well being.


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