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The Long & Short of It

So when I started this blog I also started a rebranding for our business as we seemed to have outgrown our initial name of Special Effects Decorating. One of the questions that was asked of me was, "who is your client" and this really made me sit down and take a really long hard look at our business and who uses our services. I know that this may not be a question that you would ask yourself but in the business world its very important to understand the dynamics of your business and how to proceed.

So, who is my client? You might be just a bit surprised at my answer but its the cold hard truth of the matter! As I was chatting with this person who asked me the question, I found myself answering her in a very matter of fact way in which I run my business. I am not, to the dismay of some an over the top designer who feels that my way is the only way, as a matter of fact I had someone tell me one time that this is the exact reason they hired me!! I personally am pretty low key and have my own way of conducting myself which I feel is the best way to be. Some may call it being authentic, a word that is being used a lot these days to describe their own style of dressing, designing etc. I guess I just feel that I do not have to impress anyone and I am not competing with anyone, I am just doing a job that I was hired to do, simple!!

This may not appeal to all clients but I have been fortunate with the clients that I do attract and I am always very grateful that they appreciate my candor and my own unique style of doing things. I typically do not react well to those who feel they need their designer on speed dial as that seems a little too flamboyant for my personality. Let's face it, I design my clients spaces based on their personality and their budgets which are all very individual as they should be! I never had the desire to live in the big city and I much prefer the comfort of conducting business in a small community where everyone knows your name but minds their own business!

So, in my business I actually focus my attention on more than one customer and we do our very best to accommodate each and every one of them. First, we have our DIY clients, these style of customers are all about bringing their own style to life. They want to roll up their sleeves and dig in and do the job themselves. These clients attend our DIY workshops and are eager to learn the steps to complete their own projects on their own time. I truly love working with these clients as they're inquisitive and intent to learn the process and then do their own thing on their own time.

The biggest payoff that I receive from this type of client is that they typically do not feel that they are creative, to the contrary they are much more creative than they give themselves credit for! The joy that I receive from their wonderment when they have completed the project is beyond anything that money can buy. Its a pure love for the arts and for working closely with people that fuels my passion to propel forward.

Our other type of clients are a little less adventurous in their actions but know that they are looking for someone to guide them towards a vision that they have for their space. Typically these clients are career orientientated and in many cases too busy to accomplish a project on their own. These clients can range anywhere from their early forties to well past retirement age. The retirement clients are they type of people that I want to be when I grow up, or should I say older. Their ambitious in life and determined to have what they want regardless of their age. To date, my eldest clients have been in their mid eighties. I once asked one of my clients why they wanted to hire me to change their spaces at this stage of the game. Their answer was simple. We love our homes and we love to entertain friends and family, we love to travel and explore life to the fullest.! Their competent, spirited and dynamic in every sense of the word. I truly admire these clients because life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and they are doing it their way and I love this type of spirit. They remind you what life is all about!

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