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FUSION "What is it"

Now that the holiday season is over and a new year is emerging, I know that many of you are already looking for ways to pass the long winter months that we still have before us! Most of you will want to get busy changing the interior of your home in some way. How do I know this, you ask? I know simply because its human nature and also because I have been in the industry long enough to know how the seasons transition and how we all look to have our homes freshened up before the nice weather arrives.

In my last blog we talked about the amazing Sherwin Williams Colour Mix 2020. Yes, I do use this paint and recommend it to all of my clients for the interior of their homes. We also offer another brand in our Lifestyle Boutique, Fusion Mineral Paint.

The biggest challenge when introducing a product such as Fusion to the market is the fact that not all are properly educated on how to use this incredible product to its full potential. I cannot tell you how many people have come into the shoppe who have been misinformed about the product and its usage. So, let me help you to understand the basics of this product and what is is best used for.

Fusion Mineral Paint is an incredibly durable product that is 100% acrylic,

water-based paint that is produced in Canada, a big plus for me and our boutique. The Mineral portion of this paint refers to the pigments used which are "harvested from the earth." This product once painted on furniture and then properly cured is both water and stain proof. No primer or top coat is necessary which makes it a one step process if applied to real wood.

One of the most frequent questions asked,

Is Fusion better that chalk paint? The number 1 difference is that Fusion is NOT a chalk paint! It does not contain any chalk in the formula. Fusion does not require a sealer as it already has a built in top coat.

As you all know, or at least I hope you know that not only do we design interior spaces but we also ReDesign Kitchens using our #1 product for the job, Fusion Mineral Paint. Since Fusion is formulated with a built in topcoat, you are not required to add anything else over the finished piece. However, I do add additional coverage for my clients protection. With that being said, Fusion is exceptionally durable and water resistant so any greasy finger prints or food splatter is easily washed away. If you are slightly intimidated at the thought of this then just add a little extra protection.

This design shown below was what our clients had included when they had their home built less than 7 years ago. Their challenge was a lack of sufficient light and they had chosen the wrong colour combination for that type of space. Although its not visible in the picture, they had a door leading into their laundry room that was a full panel door which again inhibited them from added light. You will see it in the after photo.

Once we came in and evaluated their space, I quickly went to work on creating a proper colour scheme and recommended that they add a new panel gliding door that allowed some light to permeate their space. We also included a new backsplash that added light reflected off the cabinets to warm the entire space up. I had also replaced the original clear glass cabinet doors with a glass that had texture. This allowed the cabinets some style without being able to see what was inside, thus leaving the whole space feeling less restrictive and heavy but open and airy.

Clearly, the Fusion Mineral Paint used to lighten the cabinets adds a completely different look to the same space. I had also gone one step further and suggested that their dark dining room furniture be included in the new design concept. So I quickly went to work on painting the base of their table with the Fusion Mineral Paint Renfrew Blue with a little black added to the mixture to tone it down but also to add a pop of colour to the overall space. Painting the embossed design and dry brushing with a Fusion Metallic added just the right amount to the table base.

Typically, painting chairs is not something that I relish doing but in this case I conceded as I knew it was necessary to pull everything together. The leather parts of the chairs were painted in Renfrew Blue with a bit of added black to tone the depth of colour. The wooden parts of the chairs were painted Coal Black.

The Fusion Mineral Paint comes in an array of over 50 stunning colours from soft neutrals to bold colour options plus an additional 32 custom colour blends, your sure to find the perfect colour to suit any style perfectly.

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